Here are five food trends that you can expect in 2018:

  • mushroom infused coffee
  • super powders
  • root-to-stem cooking
  • engineered plant-based food
  • and our topic of discussion Floral Flavours

From roses to lavender to hibiscus, if it is on your plate, it means you can eat it. Even better, mix it up with the other elements on your plate and you might just be blown away with the flavour experience.

Most of us have seen the odd flower served on occasion. However, the latest trends hint toward (not only) the use of flowers as garnish, but more floral flavours in our food.


A little lavender goes a long way…
Lavender is making a special appearance at Fusion this summer. This distinguishing herb is versatile with Rosemary qualities and goes well with savoury and sweet dishes. It is also a member of the mint family, but its distinct flavour separates Lavender from other mint species.

Lavender is now becoming a popular ingredient in dessert options as well. Lavender infused cakes, lavender cream cheese as icing, lavender macaroons and even lavender ice-cream – sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Lavender is currently showing off its talents on our starter menu and in our new signature cocktail.

Next time you visit us, look out for our fruity venison parcels with chick pea dip, sweet potato and almond soil, served with truffle jus garnished with a combination of apple, radish and lavender.


Something to try at home..
Perhaps some Hibiscus recipes.

The tangy taste of hibiscus makes it a unique ingredient to add to your salad dressing. It is also quite acidic, making it perfect for fruity drinks or even better, ice popsicles.

Hibiscus Tea is also known to be a traditional remedy to lower blood pressure.

We are definitely not going to offer any medical advice, because that’s not what we do.


Take a look outside…

Another flower you might not expect to taste is the Aster flower.

South Africa’s own Michelin Star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, who recently opened his own restaurant in Nice, France, shared his version of a Malva Pudding recipe as a tribute to his grandmother.

Chef Jan-Hendrik discovered that Asters are edible and immediately thought of his Ouma Wessie who used to have Asters in her home. Malva Pudding was also one of Ouma Wessie’s signature recipes that Jan-Hendrik experienced as a child.

As a tribute to her, he designed a delicate Malva Pudding with a twist. In this recipe, the flower is cooked in milk and then made into a sorbet, placed on top a morsel of Malva Pudding and rolled in honeycomb. As a final touch, he sprinkles it with fresh Aster petals.


Our Fusion chefs always strive to bring not only the best, but the most unique and beautifully presented creations to the table and this trend will definitely add another level to their 2018 offerings.


In the meanwhile, be sure to try our venison parcel starter and lavender and passionfruit cocktail.