The Sunday lunch everyone is talking about From its impressive fine dining creations to the wide selection of A-grade meats, Saskia has always been a popular choice for our local Polokwaners. With our new Sunday buffet being launched on 11 March 2018, the people of our beautiful city are in for another big surprise. Who […]

Do you hear what I hear?  Yes, the sound of rustling wrapping paper, Christmas carols being belted out on the radio, in shopping malls and even at home, recipes are being shared, travelling plans are discussed & there is a lot of laughter everywhere! Maybe it is just me but we all seem to be […]

My 5 reasons to love cheesecake, as if you need any. Reason number 1. Cheesecake is amazing.. Let’s be honest the mere existence and taste of a good cheesecake is already enough reason to love it. It is rich, not too sweet (if you choose the right one) and it contains one of the most […]

Here are five food trends that you can expect in 2018: mushroom infused coffee super powders root-to-stem cooking engineered plant-based food and our topic of discussion Floral Flavours From roses to lavender to hibiscus, if it is on your plate, it means you can eat it. Even better, mix it up with the other elements […]

Having just recently launched the new starter menu at Saskia Restaurant last month I thought it fitting that we start the week off with telling you about one of the delectable starters shining in its extravagance at the very top of a list of unforgettable beautifully created dishes. Not a lot of us are familiar with the […]

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Food for thought! We can’t believe that it has been 8 years since Fusion Boutique Hotel and Saskia Fine Dining Restaurant opened its doors to the public. This seems like a lifetime ago considering the thousands of guests that have frequented our establishment and the long journey that we have […]