15 Dec

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear what I hear?  Yes, the sound of rustling wrapping paper, Christmas carols being belted out on the radio, in shopping malls and even at home, recipes are being shared, travelling plans are discussed & there is a lot of laughter everywhere! Maybe it is just me but we all seem to be happier this time of the year.

I JUST LOVE Christmas!

The only thing that I love more than Christmas is Christmas at Fusion Boutique Hotel! Keep reading to find out 3 reasons why there is simply no other place to go on Christmas day this year!

  1. A winter wonderland in the heart of the scorching Polokwane.

I am telling you the Christmas décor at Fusion reminds me of flipping through some of the finest home and interior decorating magazines page by page and being mesmerized by the attention to detail and stunning Christmas ambience that they have created. Thousands of balls, Santa’s of every shape, colour and size and gorgeous unique Christmas tree dresses that transforms every year into designs fit to be flaunted on any of the fashion runways in New York or Paris. Watch out Carl Lagerfeld!

The result of months of preparation, excessive time spent polishing and unruffling the reefs and ribbons of each decoration and impeccable attention to detail is a classic visual Christmas display triggering thought of love, family, gingerbread biscuits and Santa. I certainly won’t be blaming you for taking out the camera for a few selfies around every corner.

2. Diets never start on Christmas day for a reason.

 For me and I am sure every family across the globe Christmas involves a lot of eating. It’s not just because we feast with people we like or care about, it’s also because it involves some seriously good food and there is a lot of this going around in Fusion on the 25th. I have been given the unique opportunity to be a part of the menu planning process for Christmas (which takes about a month of planning, tasting and tweaking  ) – my advice to you dear friends would be to

starve yourself for a day in advance, wear loose fitting clothes – ha ha  and book now as spaces are seriously limited

– the annual devotees secure their tables in October already!

The Turkey, specially sourced has fattened up and the gammon is already marinating in whiskey and honey but apart from the crowd favorites the unique petite appetizers and decadent desserts is making me hungry all over again. Get ready for a sensory display of some of the most gorgeous culinary delights of the year. Best part of it all is there is no washing dishes or clearing the table. You can simply just go straight to bed for your afternoon nap or crash in front of the television with a soppy Christmas movie like me!

3. The perfect gift idea.

If you are like me at all, you probably have a difficult time coming up with meaningful Christmas gift ideas for family and friends. Well, what about giving them an experience ( and yourself the day off )

What makes Christmas so delightful? – The fact that everyone is coming home for it. Why spend most of this time setting tables, washing dishes and cooking when you could have a professional chef, sommelier and an army of professional friendly hosts and hostesses do it for you.

Christmas might seem like a user-friendly holiday of presents, tree, more presents, deck the halls and “tra la la la” but at the core of it, it is a time to be generous, to catch up and to spend time with those that you adore and love – might as well do it at Fusion, with me and my family because that’s where we’ll be, right in the corner at our favorite table!

Merry Christmas and a jolly jolly new year bloggers


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