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Food for thought!

We can’t believe that it has been 8 years since Fusion Boutique Hotel and Saskia Fine Dining Restaurant opened its doors to the public. This seems like a lifetime ago considering the thousands of guests that have frequented our establishment and the long journey that we have walked (sometimes ran) to cater to their every whim and desire. The restaurant and hotel proudly brags with numerous local and international awards and a staff compliment comprising of some of the best in the industry. Wherever you find yourself within this stylish hub you will instantly forget that you are in Polokwane or South Africa for that matter.

The hotel is renowned for ultimate luxury, state of the art equipment, customized services, business facilities fit for royalty and pure relaxation in some of the most exquisite suites in the world. The true gem and the secret to our success is our undeterred passion for what we do. One thing is sure every person that spends their working hours at our establishment simply adores cooking, creating, serving and experimenting with food and drinks.

Which gets me to the reason for our blog. It has been long time dream to share this passion along with the endless database of experiences and ideas with our royal kings and queens that has supported us over the years and to excite new guests with promises of a visit to Fusion Boutique Hotel.

We would like to invite you on our journey where we take you behind the scenes of a unique 5-star establishment whilst we give you the full low down on the highs and lows of every day happenings such as developing a menu or serving 200 guests a plated 5 course dinner. We will explore age old debates and etiquette about food and wine service and venture into the world of mixology while we savor the flavors of a new signature cocktail, discover a new local brewery or a recipe for a flavored gin. Be prepared to be enticed with the latest foodie trends, recipe’s and ideas that have the power to derail even the most devoted dieter.

Aside from the need to lick your computer screens, we want this blog to be seriously useful and downright entertaining.

So without further ado watch this space for our first official post providing you with a lot of …food for thought!