The smell of sautéed garlic, the freshness of basil leaves and the hearty flavour of a real Italian Napolitana sauce, April is Italian month at Saskia and today we unpack some of the rich flavours and classic techniques which can be expected from our chefs.


First things first… the starter

Pesce con Emulsion di limone e miele.

The first course on our Italian menu is a mouth-watering Kingklip with lemon and honey emulsion, served with roasted vine tomatoes.

Freshest of fresh, this Kingklip is pan seared ensuring it doesn’t lose that fresh and succulent taste and texture. When preparing fish specifically Kingklip, the Italian way, not over cooking it is essential and part of this important tip is your partnership with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We use only the best ingredients for our Italian menu this month and when it comes to fish, being generous with the use of olive oil is a good idea. Fish is a healthy and un-fatty option and with the necessary Italian love from our chefs, this one will be cooked to perfection and flavoured to favour all the senses.

TIP: Prodotti, prodotti, prodotti – it is all about using fresh and quality ingredients.


Spaghetti – Linguini – Tagliatelle

What will an Italian meal be without a delicious pasta?

Saskia will be celebrating Italian month with a Tagliatelle al Pomodoro crema con parmigiana e aglio as the main course.

Also described as creamed tomato Tagliatelle, served with Parmesan, garlic and tomato.

This rich flavour paired with perfectly cooked, al dente, Tagliatelle will satisfy any guest with a pasta craving. Just enough garlic is added to give it that extra touch, perfectly rounded off with a squirt of lemon juice and a touch of Parmesan.

With the freshly sourced and some imported ingredients, our chefs can’t wait to start shaving into the wheel of parmesan as it awaits the first order of Tagliatelle.


TIP: ALWAYS serve your pasta al dente.
When cooking pasta, strong herbs such as Rosemary and Sage are best to add in the beginning and herbs like Basil and Rocket are best to add at the end to keep it fresh.



Saskia’s Italian dessert will definitely surprise you. 

When you hear the words chocolate mousse, you might think an “okay” option or not the dish you’ll remember, but this is no ordinary chocolate mousse.

I seldom order chocolate mousse myself, but after I tasted this one, I have a whole new idea of this dessert. The intense chocolate flavour with the creamy texture is perfectly complimented with the nutty coating. It is rounded off with a Rosemary and strawberry sauce.

I am not sharing any tips or recipe ideas on this dessert, it is simply a must try at Saskia!


Prendiamo un caffè?
Fancy a coffee?

Don’t we all love a cup of coffee after dinner? Well, in Italy it might be a little different than what you are used to.

The only coffee Italians drink after dinner is espresso. It is served in a “ready to drink” temperature, as it is meant to be enjoyed in about 30 seconds.

Other coffees, which South Africans enjoy regularly, are more suited to specific times of the day according to the Italians.

A cappuccino is ONLY for breakfast, as it contains so much milk and can therefore be enjoyed before 10:00am only.

A café macchiato is accepted in the afternoon and espresso is the only one acceptable for the evening.


Tip: When visiting Italy, never order a Latte, as you will get a glass of milk.


The art of the feast


Italians are not fooling around when it comes to presentation, a look at some Pinterest images made me wonder if they aren’t perhaps the best in the world? See what I am talking about here. Every dish is a work of art and if not in presentation, definitely in taste.

My favourite thing about visiting Saskia is indeed the creativity behind everything, from the overall interior of the restaurant to the pattern of the last three drops of cream on your dessert plate. Everything is a masterpiece.

If you want to be a real Italian when you visit us in April perhaps these pointers might be useful…

  • In Italy it is considered rude to cheers without making eye contact.
  • When you greet someone the Italian way (kisses on the cheek) you always start with the right side first.
  • A few culinary terms worth taking note of when reading the menu…

anti pasti: appetizer, primo: entrée, secondo: second, which refers to the main course and dolce: dessert.


Now that you know a thing or two about Italian food, put that Versace number on and join us for dinner.


TIP: come hungry!