27 Nov

Say CHEESE… 5 reasons to love cheesecake

My 5 reasons to love cheesecake, as if you need any.

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1. Cheesecake is amazing..

Let’s be honest the mere existence and taste of a good cheesecake is already enough reason to love it. It is rich, not too sweet (if you choose the right one) and it contains one of the most loved dairy products on earth called cheese.

We all know the indulgent experience of enjoying cheesecake, usually a gluttonous portion as well. I for one am a huge fan of cheesecake and after going on a taste adventure and can honestly say that Fusion’s new baked cheesecake is my favourite and you will find out why soon..


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2. The history of cheesecake, similar to something from a storybook.

The intense enjoyment and appreciation of cheesecake dates back far, very far… as far back 230 A.D. according to John J. Sergreto in his book Cheesecake Madness.

Rumour has it that the Romans were first introduced to cheesecake on their quest to concur Greece, which seems to be the first enjoyer of cheesecake.

Sources say that cheesecake, in ancient Greece, was believed to be a good source of energy and even served to athletes during the Olympic games.

The original recipe was not at all what we know today, it consisted of pounded cheese, wheat flower and honey heated up and left to cool down.

When the Roman’s experimented with this newly found dish, they added eggs, baked it under rocks and it was served warm.

We owe our thanks to the Americans for adding the indulgent ingredient, that is cream cheese…

There are many variations of cheesecake recipes around the world. Some sound more appetizing than others. In Japan, a traditional cheesecake recipe contains no form of cheese, instead cornstarch and egg whites are used.

In Greece, traditional recipes include feta or mizithra, whilst Germans enjoy recipes with cottage cheese. Ricotta and Mascarpone is the Italian way.

I find the biography of cheesecake fascinating, but I can’t go on about it all day, this blog will get too long.


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3. There is actually a day dedicated to this dessert

Did you know that there is even a day for this delectable dessert?  National cheesecake day is celebrated annually in the US on 30 July. Perhaps Fusion should start celebrating this day as well…


you can’t have your cake and eat it… or can you? Bringing us to reason number


4. Cheesecake can be banting  friendly

Whether you are looking for a banting friendly dessert or you just love baking, I can strongly recommend this recipe from Nikki Gaskell, it will have you feeling like a pastry chef of note.

If you are baking something regardless of the consequences, you might as well try the most indulgent version of a banting friendly option.

Nikki Gaskell from Fresh posted this recipe a while back and people went crazy for it on social media, so you better all try it.

I did, and it was great, but if it is your first time baking a cheesecake, timing plays a huge role. When your in-laws are coming for dinner don’t try and get a cheesecake baked that same afternoon. After about 2 hours of baking and cooling down time you will need 4 hours for the cheesecake to be refrigerated. That excludes the time you might need to figure everything out. I tried it and it is definitely worth every second, just start early.  Banting Cheesecake Recipe


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5. Fusion’s Cheesecake… the final reason to love cheesecake

First of all, you might not be interested in home baking, then Fusion is obviously the best solution…  bring the in-laws and enjoy.
One of the perks of being behind the scenes is getting a sneak peek of any menu changes and I made sure I got to taste the baked cheesecake on Fusion’s brand new dessert menu. It is out of this world and possibly a reason for anyone to convert to being a cheesecake lover.

From the choice of plate to the cloud of spun sugar, every part of the presentation is so beautiful you will feel bad to start.
There are a variety of elements on the plate, chocolate buttons, macadamia crumbs, orange pana cotta and even dehydrated apple slices.

When it comes to tasting, I always prefer tasting the key component first. So I’ll take a bite of the cheesecake first and then start tasting it with each individual element and then the fun starts when you start combining the different elements.

My personal highlights or preferred combination is: the absolute rich and creamy taste of the cheesecake combined with the zesty flavor of the orange pana cotta and the crunchy texture of the macadamia crumbs.

Are you convinced yet? Maybe next time you are having this dessert you won’t have to feel too guilty about it.


The new dessert menu will be launched towards the end of November.



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